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I know… It’s been FOUR MONTHS since I’ve made a blog post, but time and life got away from me!

As I am always happy to update all of you on all the happenings here in my world, here goes!

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! I am not a fan of winter by any means (in fact, it’s my least favorite season), so I am beyond ecstatic that it’s finished! Here in New England, while we normally get more than our fair share of snow along with our cold, we actually had a pretty mild winter this past year! If you are from the Boston area or lived here over 25 years ago, you may recall the ultimate April Fools’ joke that Gaia and Mother Nature played on us back in 1997: one and a half feet of snow! We were spared this prank (so far), but it also would not compare to the combined NINE FEET of snow we had over the course of Winter 2014-2015. Anyway, I love Spring. I love Summer. Winter is over.

I have written some fairly new pieces, which will be updated over on the PORTFOLIO page shortly, including two lovely articles for Turner Classic Movies and my return to YourTango after seven years! I’m currently waiting on a couple of other media orgs regarding taking on more work, so that’s coming up!

I took a break from job hunting for a while, but now that I have returned from a much-needed vacation to beautiful Dublin, Ireland, I am once again on the hunt for full-time and part-time Staff and Freelance journalism jobs. Editors, please reach out!

Finally, two new installments of Eklektiki Mageia are in the cards (pun intended) to close out my series on tarot cards that make us cringe.

More to come. Spring has sprung. Stay tuned.

As always, thank you for visiting and for all of your support and readership!

Wishing you endless sunshine!


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