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What can you find here at katykostakis.com?

An assortment of my published and unpublished work, as well as original content created especially for this website! If you are familiar with my work, you know that my blog, The Lioness’ Den, was my creative hub from January 2017 to September 2018. Print work published in 2004 and 2005 can now be found on my PORTFOLIO page!

What happened to The Lioness’ Den?

Once I started this website, I decided to officially close down The Lioness’ Den. Who knows? Maybe it will be resurrected someday.

What are your areas of expertise and interest?

I’ve always been a lover of arts and entertainment, particularly film, so a good chunk of my expertise is in that realm. Just how I know so much about it is an interesting tale in itself. Performing is in my blood, and I originally wanted to pursue a career as a professional actor (I can sing, too!). Over time, I discovered my other passion and went to college to study broadcasting/ broadcast journalism!  Performing and talking go hand in hand, so studying broadcast journalism was a natural progression. As part of my education, I took quite a number of film, art history, and theatre courses, where I learned the inner workings of the industry.

After college and a brief post-grad stint, although I trained in broadcast, I plunged into the world of print, followed by digital.  In the subsequent years, I’ve written lifestyle, health and wellness, food and dining, beauty, and, of course, entertainment articles for several publications.  I later branched out into crafting copy for advertising and marketing collateral, and penned guest contributions to the blogs of various professional organizations.  The love for every industry I’ve ever written for or about has never diminished. Whatever the subject or medium, you will get my special touch on each and every piece I create. That I promise you.

With that success in freelance writing and blogging, my inquisitive and creative nature, and my journalism background, I am beyond ready to take on the world as a Staff Journalist!

Where have you been published?

As mentioned above, I have written for a number of media organizations and ran my own blog,  therefore  I have quite a large amount of material to showcase! Some of these pieces contain explicit content and/or subject matter, which I will denote where appropriate.

Because of the sheer volume of my work, I have a CONTRIBUTIONS page, which will be updated as needed to list articles that have not been included in my PORTFOLIO or blog POST pages. It will be an extension of my portfolio, so keep your eyes on that!

Are you on social media?

I am!  You can follow me on Twitter @KatyKostakis, on Instagram @katykostakis, and now on Hive @katykostakis!

What’s with all the leonine references?

In case the zillion references to my having a Sun Sign in Leo slipped past you, maybe I should mention it now. My Sun Sign is in Leo, so I am connected to anything astrology correlates with them: the sun, fire, performing, peacocks, and, obviously, lions. I have always felt one with these majestic creatures! It’s the mane.

How about the hot pink?

To quote Shelby Eatenton (played by Julia Roberts in 1989’s Steel Magnolias), “I like pink. Pink is my signature color. ”  Granted, her wedding colors were blush and bashful. Obviously, I like the more vibrant hues.

I really like your piece about________ and the advertising and marketing materials you made for________! Can I re-blog/re-post it on my website? Can I use it in my own work?

I am quite flattered when someone likes my work so much they want to share it. What does not please me is if you don’t get my permission before doing so. On the bottom of almost every page is a disclaimer noting this. If you would like me to consider allowing a re-post, re-blog or any other usage of my work,  please contact me here. I will review each request on a case by case basis.

I want to interview and hire you because I think you would be an awesome addition to our staff! How can I contact you for employment and writing opportunities?

You’re in luck because I am seeking staff (full-time and part-time) and contract journalist positions! Please contact me herePlease fill out the requested information, and my people (myself) will respond to your people (you) as soon as possible! 🙂