I’ve created an array of copy for marketing and advertising collateral, which includes a revised on-hold telephone messaging script, as well as copy for social media posts.

Screenshot_2018-08-20 App_Flyer_2016_small pdfA revised promotional flyer created in 2016 for appetizers carried by Costas Provisions. As over eighty appetizers were to be listed, the main focus and challenge was how to make such a lengthy list palatable. I then created several categories that spoke to the individual establishment and targeted a certain type of clientele, along with an introduction. As the material is not time sensitive, this has been in constant rotation.


A promotional flyer showcasing a line of imported fillo and pies from Greece carried at Costas Provisions.  Through the product descriptions that I created, as well as the introductory and supplementary copy written by myself (using both English and phonetic Greek), the mission was to use descriptive language to not only familiarize admirers of Hellenic cuisine with this line, but to capture the essence of each product.

As the material was originally released in November 2015, the introduction of two new pies to the line was tied in to the Fall and Winter holidays.

Screenshot_2018-08-12 David's_Flyer_Small pdf

A 2017 promotional flyer for various David’s Cookies products sold at Costas Provisions. Introductory and supplementary copy were written by myself to present an upbeat and informational announcement of this product line to clients. Product descriptions and photos were provided by the Marketing Department at David’s Cookies. As the material is not time sensitive, this has been in constant rotation.’s_Flyer_Small.pdf


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