August is Over (Plus, More Updates!)

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It’s August 31st and I’m starting to become a bit sad, as I often do when only the few, precious weeks of summer remain.

I’m a summer baby.  I always love the warmth, energy, and vitality of this season,  along with the beach  and  fried clams! 🙂  As with anyone’s favorite season dwindling, you start to get a bit wistful. Don’t you wish you could turn back the clock and start summer all over again?  I sure do!

Although it’s still hot outside, I continue to put my nose to the grindstone, working at my day job, with nights and weekends spent writing articles and submitting applications and pitches!  

With that, I’ve been keeping some news under my big hair for the last couple of months! Drum roll, please! 

I am now a Contributing Writer for Turner Classic Movies!

As a fan, it has been a longtime dream of mine to get to write about classic film for a network so devoted its preservation and appreciation! Two of my articles are already live over at  But if you can’t wait, head on over to the ever-so-lovely PORTFOLIO page to check out my first piece about, who else?, Joan Crawford.  

Plus, I’ve written another article for Paste Magazine, which can also be found over on the PORTFOLIO page!  This one is about the 2011-2013  Italian Renaissance series The Borgias and how for me, the show lost its luster once a main character was eliminated. If you’re not familiar with this family,  get ready.  It’s nothing but drama, drama, and more drama.

Autumn is less than a month away,  and while I’ve already broken the seal and gotten a Pumpkin Spice iced coffee last week (it’s already out. In August!) , hopefully I can post more musings, rants, and raves throughout the rest of this year! Thank you for being patient and understanding as I tackle it all!  An even bigger thank you for your support!

As always, please follow me on Twitter @KatyKostakis or Instagram @katykostakis for all the latest!

Wishing you endless sunshine, 


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