The Worst of the Worst: Turistas (2006)

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When people find out that I have written film reviews (and relished every minute of it), one question I often get is what are some of the WORST films I’ve ever seen and/or reviewed? Oh, rest assured, there are many!

To quote my very first review for Moviesnobs on 2006’s Turistas, “The gang of tourists in this movie really wished they had stayed home and so did I.” Starring Josh Duhamel and Olivia Wilde, the turistas are vacationing collegiates that get caught up in a black market organ harvesting ring in Brazil. I know, right? This movie was such a cliché and cringe-worthy, it still makes me roll my eyes when I think of it. No doubt that the studio was banking on it being successful due to the shock horror/tourist torture trend of Saw and Hostel being so popular at the time. However, the plot was not original, it had no artistry or redeeming quality, and you could pretty much guess fairly quickly as to who was doing what to whom. Not to mention they used Spanish etymology, when everyone knows they speak Portuguese in Brazil. It may seem like a fairly arbitrary item to focus on, but if you’re going to malign a country cinematically, at least you should know what language they speak.

No wonder I only gave it a star and a half.

Read my review here:

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