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Hey, Folks!

I just realized its been several months since I’ve posted here in the blog!

Spring has flown by, and now, I’m looking forward to my favorite season of the entire year, SUMMER!

It’s been really hectic here in the Land of the Lioness, so what exactly has been keeping me from penning some posts?

Articles, to be exact! My CONTRIBUTIONS page has some new additions. Are you ready?

For Film Inquiry, I’ve been writing quite a few pieces, including a review of the 2019 film “After”, and, drumroll please, recaps/reviews of “The Spanish Princess”! This is the third miniseries adapting the ever-popular Philippa Gregory books about the famed Wars of the Roses. This one focuses on the young Catherine of Aragon as she makes the journey from Spain to England to eventually take up the throne as its queen! While we all know about her lonely and rather depressing fate, how did she get on the road that led her to marriage to Henry VIII?

You can find my recaps of the first two episodes, “The New World” and “Fever Dream”, here and here. Episode 3 is on deck and should be published in a day or two!

I need to mention that these recaps will be going on for the series run, which is set to conclude June 23rd! I am also working on a couple of  reviews for FI that I hope to have up soon!

With that being said, I will be leaving Film Inquiry at the end of June, so these recaps and the remaining reviews I am writing will close out my stint. It’s been a great experience, and I wish the entire team nothing but the best of luck!

Long story short (too late!), I’m cooking up some more goodies to share with you in the next few weeks, so please check back for more updates and additions to my portfolio! For more musings, be sure to follow me over on Twitter @KatyKostakis!

Happy Sunday!!




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