More Than the Lion’s Share: Funny Ladies


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“I’m a Leo. We’re all very sure of ourselves.”

                                                               –Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur), “The Golden Girls”

As we are now gearing up for the hullabaloo of the winter holidays, there’s something else to celebrate! My website went live four months ago! In that short period of time, I feel that has grown in leaps and bounds!

Thank you to all of you for visiting and taking a peek at my work! It’s been a labor of love, and I will continue to add awesome content! You’ve already learned about my affinity for art, film, astrology, cosmetics, television, and perfumes, so you can certainly count on this remaining the central hub for all of my creative endeavors!

Since this website officially came to be this past August, and most of it contains nods to my astrological sign, it would be á propos to share with you those famous (and often infamous) Lions and Lionesses who have rocked our world! Notorious and fascinating, you never know what they will do next.  You will find out all about them over the next few posts in More Than the Lion’s Share!

Without further ado, here’s your first set of lively Lions!

Here come those Funny Ladies!

More than 60 years after the curtain came down on “I Love Lucy”, everybody still loves Lucy and Ethel. When Lucille Ball (born August 6, 1911) dragged Vivian Vance (born July 26, 1909), into one of her harebrained schemes, one could count on them hamming it up and bringing us along for the ride. Whether hawking homemade salad dressing, stealing John Wayne’s footprints, or getting way in over their heads working the assembly line at a chocolate factory, both women were stunning, yet they weren’t afraid to look ugly or act stupidly for a laugh. Following “I Love Lucy”, they co-starred as Lucy and Vivian on “The Lucy Show”, which showed that their undeniable chemistry did not diminish by one iota.

As the outspoken, wise and wisecracking Sophia Petrillo on “The Golden Girls”, a great makeup job may have made Estelle Getty (born July 25, 1923) look the part of an octogenarian, but it was her hilariously sarcastic, deadpan delivery and whacked out stories that endeared her to children and adults of the ‘80s. Sophia was the grandmother many wanted to have. She may have had one sharp tongue and a smart answer for everything, but there was love underneath it all for the ladies she lived with. While Getty embarked on her acting career fairly late in life, she struck gold with this role, earning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

List of Leos and dates of birth according “Sextrology” by Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox (billed as Starsky + Cox), The Internet Movie Database ( and individual Wikipedia pages (  

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