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 Remember what was said to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl?

“You’ve got a real fire in your belly.”

A crackerjack writer, a prolific and exuberant innovator and the consummate content specialist seeks Staff  (full-time, part-time) and Freelance/Contract journalist positions.

My loquacious nature and lifelong love of performing may have led to my subsequent training for a broadcast career, but it’s my distinctive voice and style, with its conversational and highly descriptive tone, that helped me to find my feet in written media.

It’s my love of words and telling compelling tales that has produced a vast body of work, including arts and entertainment, lifestyle, food and beverage,  health and wellness, news, and features articles, film reviews, opinion pieces, columns, and commentary. Outside of journalistic pursuits, I have also created content and concepts for marketing and advertising campaigns, product descriptions, social media posts, and on-hold telephone messaging scripts.  I am adept at composing for a range of target audiences and multiple media, so my talents lie equally in both long and short form.

I’ve always possessed a deep thirst for knowledge, therefore my expertise and interests include the aforementioned Arts and Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness and Lifestyle, Commerce,  Cosmetics and Beauty, Travel, Culture, History, and Literature. Naturally, all of my work adheres to strict editorial standards, applying my knowledge of Associated Press and Chicago Styles.

Without a doubt, I have that fire in my belly and a passion for storytelling that goes beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Pouring my heart and soul into everything that I write and create gives you quality work everyone can be proud of!

Thank you for your interest!